We have the best coatings in the industry with the No. 1 rated Underground tank coating and our superior ArcClad™ primer and topcoat system for aboveground tanks. The craftsmanship and quality of TRIARC TANK products are best in class.


In 2016, we introduced ArcClad™, a dual coat system featuring a Zinc Rich Primer and Super Durable Topcoat for all aboveground domestic tanks. This superior above ground coating reduced paint defects by an astonishing 95% over a two-year period.

At TRIARC TANK, our quality process measures more than product defects. We grade our performance throughout the entire value chain. From acceptance of raw material and components, through manufacturing and product delivery to our customers, Arcosa Tank applies Lean processes and principles to gauge performance. The Continuous Improvement Process reflects our commitment to providing you the best products and experience in the industry.


Moving into the future as a new, growth-oriented company, TRIARC TANK is focused on improving the experience of our customers. Through innovation, high quality products, and exceptional service, we strive to provide the best customer experience in the industry.

We have a talented Sales and Customer Service Team always ready to serve and find the solution you need. From consulting with you on your business needs, confirming your orders, updating the status of your order, to final delivery and beyond, we are investing in our people, technology, systems, and processes to better serve our customers. To find the Sales Team member for your area, click here.

Our Operations and Logistics Teams strive to improve our on-time delivery performance continuously. And, we have a inspired leadership team fully supporting new initiatives to improve your experience by investing in our people, technology, systems, and processes.

TRIARC TANK’s lean journey, The Arc to Excellence, began over seven years ago. From the manufacturing floor to our offices in Dallas, we apply lean principles and processes to drive continuous improvement with the goal of providing high value products and exceptional service.


We have a rich legacy of bringing innovation to the market. Our list of “firsts” in the industry includes: first to vacuum purge, first to install anode bolts, first to provide duplicate underground tank nameplates, first to install dual lifting lugs, first to develop tanks designed specifically for underground use, and first to develop tapered polyethylene underground dome. Arcosa Tank’s underground coating is rated #1 and we are the first and only company offering a zinc primer and topcoat system, ArcClad™, standard on all aboveground tanks.

The goal of innovation has always been to provide a high value product and improve our customer’s experience. TRIARC TANK will continue to build on this legacy with new product improvement. We are investing in all phases of the value chain, which will make us the clear choice in the industry.